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Do you adore the modern New York-inspired look of an exposed brick wallpaper wall? It is effortless to achieve this effect at home and create a feature wall using a textured tile wallpaper! Choose from our collection of wallpapers to find the perfect one to suit your home decor. A brick effect wallpaper adds both authentic charm and elegance.

Decorate With Contemporary Or Rustic Brick Wallpaper

Available in a wide range of colours, choose from traditional red and grey brick wallpaper to bright pink brick wallpaper designs! Modern white brick wallpaper can create a bohemian look or use black brick wallpaper for an industrial impression which blends perfectly with your home style. You can opt for grey brick wallpaper with stylish straight bricks or 3D brick wallpaper with a textured finish. It all depends on the unique look and feel you want to create in your home. Create a feature brick wall and add a new layer of texture with brick wallpaper for the living room that makes the room cosy, with a modern, trendy twist. Regardless of which room you are decorating, brick effect wallpaper can fit perfectly. You can brighten up the colour scheme, darken it down, create texture or add an urban or rustic feel. Whether it is a brick wallpaper for the bedroom or brick wallpaper for the kitchen, the choice of look and colour is yours.

Buy Creative Grey Brick Wallpaper Online

<b>When you shop with us you will find a vast selection of brick wallpapers from different brands and in different price ranges. Browse realistic options that give the illusion of a real brick wall and stylised patterns and designs in bright colours. You are sure to find just the right one for your room! If you need any assistance with your choice of wallpaper or have any questions, we are happy to assist. Just contact us, and we will help you to create your dream home.

Bild på Strukturierte Backsteinmauer -  Weier Hintergrund Bild på Strukturierte Backsteinmauer -  Weier Hintergrund